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thinkless—-livemore blood—bruise

thinkless—-livemore blood—bruise

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I had a good day then I went home and was alone for awhile. Shit happened. I feel dead

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You seriously had the nerve to say I seem proud of it fuck off and drop it cause I don’t need ppl disappointed in me for a lifetime cause of 3 stupid fucking mistakes

— 17 hours ago

You can’t say anything if you don’t understand. You can’t say it’s stupid if you’ve never been through it. You don’t know how they feel so keep your comments to yourself cause your going to say it to the wrong person and it could end them. Then how will you feel?

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Your actually such a prick like seriously go through my fucking texts and open all my shit because I wouldn’t hug you. Your just the same as my fucking mother saying I don’t respect you or talk to you. It’s a two way job and your the one who’s cranky af 24/7 and puts everyone around you in a bad mood

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Just sucks that you only reply when your saying bye

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"That person
That thought
That blade
They are all just as addicting as
That pill
That smoke
That drink"
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I have a massive fear that no one actually likes me, rather everyone is just politely tolerating me hoping I leave them alone

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Seriously days gone to shit already yay

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It’s illegal to talk to me but only me? Cause youll talk to like anyone else my age and younger. Stop making excuses not to talk to me just straight up say you don’t want to if that’s the case

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